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Coffee: an important urban planning technique

Coffee culture is taking over the world. Long established in countries like Italy and Turkey, it has really taken root […] Read more.

If Estonia can do it…

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my recent tweet about Tallinn in Estonia. It became the […] Read more.

We’re not Italians

Three years ago, I spent a few days with my (now) Buckley Vann International colleague Warren Rowe in Copenhagen. You […] Read more.

Infrastructure – conceptually simple, devilishly tricky

One of the major bugbears in the development and quality of cities of recent times is how to pay for […] Read more.

There are other ways…

In Australia, an often expressed view is that suburban and car led growth and development is what people want and […] Read more.

Green is hitting the roof (and walls!)

All over the world, cities are starting to take green roofs and walls seriously as a way of improving the […] Read more.

What does economic development really involve?

why review this? Over the past several years, the has been a swing back to conservative governments in most western […] Read more.

A new age for design

Another First! Today reviewanew brings you my first book review, and it’s one with a story. Over recent years, I’ve […] Read more.

One more ingredient!

My recent post inspired by being in Milan was about some fundamental truths that underpin liveable cities. I realised after […] Read more.

Finally, 10 take home messages from the BVI tour

Hey, any other bloggers out there, do you go throughout dry patches? I just did! But here I am, back […] Read more.