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Punching above their weight – small cities that show us how

It has occurred to me over the years that there are many good examples around the world of small cities […] Read more.

Reviewanew in review: The top 5 and a personal favourite

My blog website celebrates its first birthday soon. I really enjoy writing these posts – they help me contribute something […] Read more.

Off the horse and on the phone: my short history of personal mobility and city form

Ever since we had means of moving around beyond “shanks pony“, our need for mobility has involved a personal device […] Read more.

The long game

My latest Green Shoe Travel outing to the west coast of North America reinforced for me an impression I have […] Read more.

Kicking goals in Puget Sound

Really impressed with what I saw and learned in Seattle on our recent Green Shoe Travel “Poster Child Cities” tour. […] Read more.

A footnote which is a highlight

As a very exciting footnote to my post of a while ago about what to put in tunnels, I was […] Read more.

And the hard won award goes to….

Portland. Yes, that’s the Portland in Oregon. You know, the one that many in the city planning field rave about. […] Read more.

Good things (and green shoes) come from good intentions

One of the real joys of our consulting business in recent years has been the work we do under our […] Read more.

A broad church

I’ve been riding a bicycle actively for about the last decade or so, after riding as a kid, then again […] Read more.

Transit Oriented Development 101 – the six main things you need to know

One of the focal points of my 2013 Green Shoe Travel tour was how to integrate land use, transit and […] Read more.