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The cartoon case for public transport

After my recent similar post about walkability proved popular, I thought I’d extend the theme to another mode of transport. […] Read more.

The cartoon case for walkability

Anyone reading reviewanew would notice that I reckon walkability is important to make our cities and communities more civil, successful […] Read more.

Amenity lives here

I reckon urban planning is the main profession that focuses directly on the amenity, character & livability of places, where […] Read more.

Economics is actually about happiness? Who knew!

I’ve been reading a lot about happiness lately. Ross Gittins, the economics writer, has written a book on happiness called […] Read more.

Five French Home Truths about Light Rail, Gold Coast Style

I found this list of five key aspects about the French approach to light rail in this article from City […] Read more.

Top 10 Indicators of Good Urban Design

A handy checklist worth revisiting:

Walking: good for you, good for your city!

Walking. We all do it if we are physically able. Some of it is for exercise, but most of it […] Read more.

Ten reasons why reducing automobile dependency makes sense

Like many places throughout the world, Australian cities’ transport systems are dominated by the private car. The car has offered […] Read more.

These are the people in your neighbourhood…Brisbane is joining Jane’s Walk!

On a visit to Vancouver over a year ago, I became aware of a program called Jane’s Walk from the […] Read more.

One ring to bind them all? The challenge of the urban middle ring and beyond.

As the reader of this blog would have picked up (thanks, whoever you are!), I have been to a few […] Read more.