A journey

Walking: good for you, good for your city!

Walking. We all do it if we are physically able. Some of it is for exercise, but most of it […] Read more.

Off the horse and on the phone: my short history of personal mobility and city form

Ever since we had means of moving around beyond “shanks pony“, our need for mobility has involved a personal device […] Read more.

The long game

My latest Green Shoe Travel outing to the west coast of North America reinforced for me an impression I have […] Read more.

Kicking goals in Puget Sound

Really impressed with what I saw and learned in Seattle on our recent Green Shoe Travel “Poster Child Cities” tour. […] Read more.

Transit Oriented Development 101 – the six main things you need to know

One of the focal points of my 2013 Green Shoe Travel tour was how to integrate land use, transit and […] Read more.

If Estonia can do it…

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my recent tweet about Tallinn in Estonia. It became the […] Read more.

We’re not Italians

Three years ago, I spent a few days with my (now) Buckley Vann International colleague Warren Rowe in Copenhagen. You […] Read more.

Infrastructure – conceptually simple, devilishly tricky

One of the major bugbears in the development and quality of cities of recent times is how to pay for […] Read more.

There are other ways…

In Australia, an often expressed view is that suburban and car led growth and development is what people want and […] Read more.

What does economic development really involve?

why review this? Over the past several years, the has been a swing back to conservative governments in most western […] Read more.