My name is Greg Vann. I’m an urban planner with over 35 years experience, degrees in town planning and economics, a Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and founding director and CEO at Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants in Brisbane. You can read more about me here.

I am really interested in the future of cities (which for me includes the whole metropolitan area), and how they can contribute to a better, fairer, happier and more prosperous and sustainable future for humanity. I am spending my life doing my bit to improve them for us all. This blog is part of that contribution.

I also get around. And see and experience a lot of places, and, you know, stuff. So I thought I’d also use this blog to write about things  I learn about while travelling with the aim of making a constructive contribution to the future of cities.

So Reviewanew provides my thoughts, learnings and ideas about cities, and things that go with living in a city – like transport, housing, employment,public realm, community life and engagement; and how these can all hang together better.

I aim to be positive, helpful, interesting and even entertaining and insightful. Reviewanew is not a place to vent spleen or criticize for the sake of it. Its purpose is to provide another perspective that helps our understanding the places where we live, and what we can do to make them better.

I also do a lot of public speaking, facilitating groups, MCing events, and helping communities in understanding and pursuing their preferred futures. I’m keen to do more of these activities as another way of contributing to cities, so feel free to contact me if I can help your community or city in this way.

As well as signing up to get the latest from Reviewanew, you can see more from me on Twitter as @GregVann, Instagram under @vanndemon, LinkedIn as Greg Vann or Storify as gregvann. Please follow me there and if you are interested in cites too, I’ll follow you back.

Enjoy, and constructive feedback is welcome!

Greg Vann


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  1. Daniela Walker says:

    What a great site to share ideas! Well done GV.