The cartoon case for biking

I have been meaning for a while to complete my trilogy of cartoon cases for transport modes, after earlier ones about walking and public transport. So here is one on biking finally. As it turns out, the cartoons are all by the redoubtable Andy Singer, whose work I greatly admire.  

Let’s start with the basics. Bicycles are a simple solution to a lot of complicated problems, including community health, scarcity of space for urban transport and, of course, pollution:

And people of all ages can use bikes, so they are much more egalitarian. They can make cities more 8-80 – that is, suitable for all ages:

In cities where it is widely used, the  bicycle has a civilising effect, making urban areas more urbane: 

Of course, people find all sorts of reasons why people won’t ride bikes. Too cold, too hot, too hilly, too dangerous. There’s some truth in all that, but it’s a marginal effect. In Copenhagen, lots of people still ride in winter:

So here’s to the humble bicycle – may  tomorrow’s heroes ride them:

Greg Vann

May 2016


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