Across the ditch – my week in Auckland!

I recently spent a week in Auckland.

There were a few reasons for doing so:  

– To attend the excellent Back to the Future conference of the NZ planning Institute.

- I’d never been to Auckland, and keep hearing good city things are happening there, so I wanted to check that out for myself.
- To reconnect with Melaina Voss, a colleague and friend with whom I’d done a lot of work in Mackay when she was there, and who has since gone home to AKL.
- To meet in person with a lot of urbanists I know via Twitter, and a few other like minded people there.
- To explore the idea of a more formal network of successful mid sized cities (Vancouver, Auckland, Brisbane, maybe Portland) sharing their knowledge with each other and beyond.
- Last but not least, to finally meet in person with The Happy City author, Charles Montgomery from Vancouver, after we missed each other when I was there earlier in the year.
As usual, I documented the trip pretty well on social media. I saw and learnt a lot, so I’ve now Storified the week here. Not just words, but pictures too!
Please feel free to go forth and read.
Greg Vann
April 2015


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    1. Mary Mealey says:

      I enjoyed this Greg. Have been checking out Reviewanew a bit today following your post this morning about 8 Key Factors. It is looking good. Makes me think I need to be more engaged with social media when I travel (not just with family shots).
      Catch up soon.