City home truths: the Twitter series!

IMG_0895.JPGI have been planning for and thinking about cities for over 35 years of my urban planning career so far.

So I thought I’d have a go at setting out some of the things I’ve learnt in that time about cities and what is important. Decided to use Twitter to try that out – there is nothing like its 140 character to sharpen one’s focus on boiling down concepts to a succinct statement. I recently used it to do a series on what I called City Home Truths.

They are more intuitive and stream of consciousness than scientific in selection of topics and approach…

You can read the series so far on Storify here together with a little bit of additional commentary about why I picked these particular aspects.

Comments welcome!

Greg Vann
January 2015


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  1. Julie says:

    Nothing like a word count to narrow the focus to what really matters. Thanks for sharing. J

  2. Deb Almering says:

    Thanks Greg. I have enjoyed reading this series! mmm …. it seems planning sits at the knife edge between stifling or enlivening our cities. Cheers Deb

    • Greg Vann says:

      Thanks Deb. Planning does a lot of good – just about getting balance & alignment between the public & private interests!