Close, but no cigar

A quick review today, of the new Starbucks flat white coffee: 20150109-144140-52900611.jpg
My fondness for coffee is well known, as is my rating of its planning value! For those reading this outside Australia or New Zealand, you may not know that the flat white was invented there (the two countries both claim it, but obviously it’s Australian!). Not that the blurb from Starbucks in the link above acknowledges that – as though they thought of it! Anyway, it is pretty much the standard coffee in those countries (it’s certainly mine), although both have an ingrained coffee culture and serve all other options too. They are a bit like a latte with more coffee and less milk, or a cappuccino without the foam & chocolate. And, by the way Starbucks, the “signature white dot” is way off – Australian baristas do a heart shape or leaf design as a minimum… (For what it’s worth, I’d rate Australia as serving some of the best coffee anywhere.)

So I tried a Starbucks flat white today in Vancouver:

20150109-144414-53054763.jpgIt is about as good as Starbucks latte or other options – pretty pedestrian, but okay if you’re stuck for better. Close, but no cigar; okay, but nothing to write home about… except in this blog of course.

My advice: if you want a flat white in North America, and are okay with typical Starbucks products, have one. Otherwise just have a latte where better coffee is served!

Greg Vann
January 2015


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