These are the people in your neighbourhood…Brisbane is joining Jane’s Walk!

On a visit to Vancouver over a year ago, I became aware of a program called Jane’s Walk from the local organiser there, Yuri Artibise. As its website says, it’s a movement of free, locally led walking tours, inspired by the late, great community activist Jane Jacobs, held around her birthday on the first weekend in May. It seems to me a great way to celebrate where we live, and to encourage people to connect with where they live and the people they live near. In that respect, it reminded me of the Sesame Street song , hence the title above!

Last year, Jane’s Walk happened in over 160 cities world wide, where over 8,000 people walked around their neighbourhood led by local volunteers. So I decided to volunteer to be the City Organiser for Brisbane, and this year will be our first year in the program. Here is proof!


The thing I really like about it is that anyone can lead a walk. You don’t have to be an expert, just be interested in your city and neighbourhood. So if that sounds like you, please go to our local page for Brisbane here , hit the “create a walk” button, and set out where and when. I already have a lot of interest from people I’ve spoken to in Brisbane, and the more the merrier. If you are interested, but not sure how to work out a walk, see how others are doing it here for Toronto, where Jane’s Walk is headquartered.

So don’t be shy – how about putting up your hand to lead a walk and help make Brisbane’s debut in the movement a memorable one!

Of course, I’m happy to discuss and see if I can help – if you’d like to make contact, just email me on or contact me via twitter @gregvann or LinkedIn. I invite you to meet some neighbours, have some fun and celebrate our city!

Greg Vann
April 2014


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