Reviewanew in review: The top 5 and a personal favourite

My blog website celebrates its first birthday soon. I really enjoy writing these posts – they help me contribute something to subjects I’m interested in, and to get my thoughts organised about the subject. And I really like that once published, each item is like a little bit of my memory, all there stored for me next time my thoughts turn to that subject. And the fact that some people read them is a bonus!

Even though I started out with the idea of reviewing all sorts of things, most posts have been about cities, planning, cycling, and learnings about those things from a year involving a lot of travel. Only a few posts review other things (notably my one all time film review). Even my first book review was of a planning related book… but I think I’ll still keep the option to review anything open for a while yet.

So far I’ve published 41 posts, and had just under 3,500 hits. Small cheese for some probably, but I’m happy with that. Interestingly, my biggest one day audience is still for the very first blog called “25 reasons to be cheerful (when a holiday goes pear shaped)“.

Anyway, in the spirit of review, and with the advent of a new year (both on the calendar and for this blog), I thought I’d set out the top five items in terms of visits, and my personal favourite of the year. So here we go:

At number 5
Observations on cycling being A Broad Church and what it takes to be a cycling city.

At number 4
Our business started a new brand called Buckley Vann International (BVI), which allows us to call on two of Australia’s most well known and respected urban planners, Warren Rowe and Gary White. Warren and I did a three week trip looking at urban outcomes in six cities – Vancouver, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Helsinki and Oslo – in April/ May 2013. Number four set out learnings from the trip.

Number 3
Next in was a review I did of one of Brisbane’s longest running bike rides known as “Donuts”. To find out why that name and more, see here!

Number 2
Coming in second was “Coffee: an important urban planning technique“. I like to think there is more substance in the content than the title. What do you think?

And (drum roll) the number 1 most read post for the year was….
Putting my life where my mouth is” – a compare-and-contrast urban design style review of my two favourite places in Brisbane: Fortitude Valley and South Bank.

It’s interesting to me to see what catches people’s attention. There were lots of other I thought might have been more read, but there you go.

Anyway, to finish off, my personal favourite for the year was “We’re not Italians“, a story of one day in Copenhagen that taught me that there is an inbuilt reaction in many people that a good idea from elsewhere won’t work in their city or place because they are different and special…. And that usually that’s not true.

So thanks to everyone who took the time to read my contributions in the first year of reviewanew. I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging caper, so you can expect to see many more this year, staring with this one!

Happy new year and happy blogging!

Greg Vann
2 Janaury 2013


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