A footnote which is a highlight

As a very exciting footnote to my post of a while ago about what to put in tunnels, I was delighted to read about the latest news of the Queensland Government’s plans for a new underground style system here, involving both heavy rail and bus in the one tunnel, like this:


This will be a great outcome for our city, which will carry forward our heavy rail and dedicated bus system capacity to meet the needs of our growing region, and will also introduce a new level of understanding of what a transit system can be. I am hearing about it as I lead a Green Shoe Travel tour of San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, cities that enjoy a considerable and sophisticated transit systems which are continuously expanding over time. It gives me some confidence that Brisbane can aspire to similar outcomes.

I applaud the work of the state government in Queensland in committing to this project and its funding. I understand concerns about how it might be funded, but it seems the government is committed to delivering it. Well done, them.

Greg Vann
November 2103


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  1. I dreamed up this image on a micro-budget. Tells the story hey. Ben.