Part 2: “Big Cities” – 2 Planners, 5 Countries, 7 Cities, 25 Days, Lotsa Learning: Chicago, New York

This is the second of four stories about our recent Buckley Vann International tour. You can read my first one, and get the background to this one in my earlier post on Storify or at and see this latest one here.

After the Brisbane sized cities of Vancouver and Minneapolis, our BV International Tour headed to the big smoke – a few days in both Chicago and New York. These are world cities in the big league. In fact, I reckon New York has a fair claim to be the capital of the world. So I’m assuming here that most readers will know a lot about these cities, if only through their endless use as settings for film and television – visiting them is a bit like being on a massive film set…

They are both pretty famous in urban planning too, often leading the way on, or at least making main stream, some of the latest trends in city making. For those in this field, it’s a bit like a rite to passage to visit them. if that’s true, I think I’ve been through that phase, as it was my 3rd time in Chicago and 9th in New York city. So I’m not going to try to do a first principles version, more just some impressions and observations about this visit.


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