From the Ground Up

This post seems to have dropped off my blog. So I’m putting it back on!

Today’s quick post is brought to you from the Ground Up espresso bar in Toowoomba. I am in town so had breakfast there and will be back for morning tea too. This snazzy new addition to the Toowoomba social scene is making real the aspiration I set up in an earlier post about Toowoomba’s potential to be a mini-Melbourne. Rough wooden furniture, water drunk from glass jars, UNO cards for your order number, lots of graffiti on the laneway wall, and all coffee and nice food served with lots of verve and good cheer. They even have $1 brownie bites for those who want a bit of sweetness, but not the whole thing!

It’s a brilliant lane way cafe, with lots of hipness and creativity, and most importantly, good coffee. It had brought a slice of Melbourne style to Toowoomba. It has been a great success, and just shows that people everywhere, including regional cities, appreciate and respond to, great coffee, ambience and sense of being part of something new and different.

But the particular point I wanted to make is about the back story. It’s an initiative of three young guys, Jey, Ryan and Nathan, all mates from uni or school, who got together, found some inspiration, drive, creativity and business acumen, to take a risk to make Ground Up a reality and a success.

Two of them are town planners, so I guess that means they know something about creating great places and the importance of activating the public realm. They work for the council, so this morning started at 6.30 at Ground Up, before heading to their day job. Ryan is an electrician and all round handyman and drove many of the creative aspects of what they are doing. These guys aren’t from Toowoomba, but work there now and have adopted it.

They have taken a risk, done something great for the town, and shown,the way for others to help Toowoomba’s transition to a mini-Melbourne. Hats off to you three, and I hope your efforts inspire others to contribute to this transition.

Now about those trams…


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  1. Rachel says:

    Awesome story. Inspiring. I tweeted it! Thanks as always. We have to do coffee sometime very soon – I owe you for the tweeting

    • vanndemon says:

      Hey Rachel, thanks for the nice feedback, and the tweet! Would love to have coffee. I’m off with my good friend and Buckley Vann International colleague Warren Rowe, on a study tour on Saturday, so maybe after that. We’re doing Vancouver, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Helsinki and Oslo in 21 days…

      Back mid May, so let’s tune in after that!