Mini Melbourne?

I’m in Toowoomba overnight for work. I like Toowoomba. The capital of the Darling Downs, Queensland’s largest inland city and one of our oldest.

It has great DNA – wide main streets, a great grid pattern, a wonderful stock of both commercial and housing heritage buildings, a well defined CBD with great character, lane ways, an air of solidarity and permanence, and (one of my essentials for any good place) great street trees. Some streets are developing niche markets that attract people from all over – would you believe, for example, bridal gowns!

It also has a milder and more changeable climate than most of Queensland, an emerging cycling culture, and gets genuinely “fireplace” cold for a lot of the year. It’s big enough to have a reasonable level of dining and entertainment options, and is close to a wide and varied hinterland with wineries and beautiful touring options for walking, cycling and driving.

Throw in some trams and hipsters and you’d have a miniMelbourne just up the hill from Brisbane. Okay Toowoomba, seize the day!


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  1. I like it as well, a little Melbourne on our doorstep will be great if it happens. The proposed regional shopping centre may be a game changer?

  2. Mike says:

    Well said Greg. The hipsters may not be far away. Some youthful town planners are about to open a little cafe in a forgotten space inside a much graffiti-ed laneway.

    As for the ‘regional’ shopping centre… An old fashioned, 20th century idea. Can’t see it working myself. Will just split the city more into the town-ies and mall-ers.

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