Reviewanew is the blog of Brisbane based urbanist Greg Vann, where he shares ideas and learnings about cities and how we can help make them better places to live.

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Brisbane Square, in Brisbane City

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As a kid growing up in Brisbane in the 1960s, I found these old school shopping trolleys were a common […] Read more.

The cartoon case for biking

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Using what you’ve got:  Learning from Dunedin NZ

I was fortunate to be asked to speak at the 2016 New Zealand Planning Institute conference last week. Twice actually, […] Read more.

New year resolutions your city could make

Our world is becoming more urban. Most of us now live in cities. In Australia, notwithstanding our heritage of the […] Read more.

It’s the vibe, Brisbane!

It’s the vibe, Brisbane! I wrote a piece on my home city, Brisbane, for the most recent Queensland Planner journal […] Read more.